Quinoa & Red Lentils

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Try this fabulous Red Lentil & Quinoa recipe. Lots of garlic, lots of warmth and comfort!

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Grain Free Snack Idea

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Try this simple, gluten free snack! Frozen grapes are a wonderful staple!

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Chia Seed Crust

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An amusing video of what happens if you forget to stir after adding chia seeds!

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Chia Fried Eggs

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Chia fried eggs were on the breakfast menu this morning. I’ve been trying lots of new and different ways to […]

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Spinach in My Eggs?

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Putting spinach in my scrambled eggs yesterday was a new one for me. It sounded kinda gross when I first […]

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Chia Seeds In My Coffee? Seriously?

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Just so you know, I am picking chia seeds out from between my teeth as I write this. Lol. I […]

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Quinoa for Breakfast?

Should you serve quinoa at the breakfast table? Absolutely! I think this is a great idea. The protein in quinoa […]

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Quinoa Curry – This Looks Wonderful!

I came across this great looking recipe for Green Curry on an Etsy blog. It uses quinoa as the main […]

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Whole Grain

What is food to one man is bitter poison to others. Lucretius (c. 99 B.C.–c. 55 B.C.) It’s Supposed to […]

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Quinoa Pancakes – An Experiment

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I wanted to see if quinoa would fry up as a type of pancake. I took a cup of cooked […]

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