Mexican Cheesy Broccoli Chicken

Mexican cheese brocoli chicken recipe

This recipe came together when my original plan fell apart. I had planned making chicken alfredo with broccoli by simply dumping a jar or two of bottled Alfredo sauce into the skillet, along with the chicken and broccoli. But when I looked at the label on the jar, I found …

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Steak Skewers with Cinnamon

grain free steak skewer recipe

Dinner tonight is adapted from a recipe in this gluten free, grain free cookbook: Make it Paleo: Over 200 Grain Free Recipes For Any Occasion. I was testing recipes out of this book so that I could write a review on it. This recipe was our favorite out of all …

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Awesome Yellow Curry

Made this wonderful yellow curry last night. I was a bit surprised by it as I did not quite realize it was a curry when I decided to make it. It was labeled as Mulligatawny and I just thought it was a stew that happened to have curry in it. …

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Quinoa Curry – This Looks Wonderful!

I came across this great looking recipe for Green Curry on an Etsy blog. It uses quinoa as the main ingredient instead of rice and it also uses tofu, which will boost the protein content even more. I love curry and I think this recipe will make a great addition …

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Quinoa – Fill That Starchy Need

This afternoon I was working on a special report about quinoa and it got me hungry to try the pseudo-grain again. I bought a package last winter and made a batch or so, but never really did much with it. As I was doing the research I realized once again …

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