What is food to one man is bitter poison to others.
Lucretius (c. 99 B.C.–c. 55 B.C.)

Whole Grain.

It isSupposed to be Good For You.

But for some of us, eating that supposed healthy food can make us really sick. Headaches, reflux, heartburn, weight gain, GERDS, malabsorption and diarrhea are just a measly few of the many symptoms we can experience if we don’t tolerate grains.  Many can get by with eating a gluten free diet, thus allowing rice and some oats into their diet. But many still don’t feel really well until they cut out all the grains.

But that can be tough. Especially in the morning. How do you get by without your morning toast with your coffee? Or what about waffles and pancakes, muffins and cereals?

Tips and Recipes for a Grain Free Diet and Gluten Free Diet

The good new is that you can eat all of your old favorites. And they’ll even taste good. The key is learning to use some simple substitutions. You’ll find all the information you need on these pages. You will find tips and free recipes to help you eat a grain free diet which is also a gluten free diet. You can often find the necessary ingredients locally at your local health food stores or a high-end grocery store. You can also order many of them from my Amazon Store (often cheaper than you can find locally) and they will be shipped to your door.

I would suggest that you start with just one or maybe two new ingredients at the most. I started with almond flour and flaxseed meal, which is a nice combination.  Try a new recipe or two each week until you find some favorites, then move on to another ingredient. It is important not to eat the same foods all the time, (although that is what most of us do) so keep trying new things. Sometimes a recipe will surprise you.


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