The Gluten-Free Vegan Book Review

gluten free cookbookI have to say – I really like this cookbook.

For one thing, it isn’t a monster sized book like Make It Paleo is. I also like the fact that all the recipes are gluten free. It also includes many grain free recipes, which is nice.

There are 187 pages, split into a section on why you should eat gluten free, vegan and healthy.

The recipes start on page 19, and include sections for appetizers, soups, salads, vegetable and side dishes, main dishes, breakfast foods, breads, muffins, scones and crusts, desserts, beverages and then sauces and condiments. It also has a resource section, metric conversions and an index.

Although there are no photographs in this book, I don’t mind much. Can’t get bummed because my cooking doesn’t match the glossy, prepped photos that are in so many cookbooks! Lol.

Well worn gluten free recipesAs you can see from this splattered, dog-eared and well bookmarked copy, I have actively used this book for about three or four years now.

I’ve cooked some of the recipes several times, as they are easy and nourishing.

This cookbook has gone with me in our RV, all across the United States, several times now.

Curry Cauliflower Soup

In 2011, I tried Bruce’s Favorite Curried And Cauliflower Soup. My comments on that page were that I liked it with some hot chili sauce added to it.

(I often write in my cookbooks – usually with the date and comments about the recipe.)

It did not need quite as much cilantro and it tastes a bit like Pho (a really yummy Vietnamese noodle soup.)

Roasted Vegetables

roasted vegetablesThe Roasted Vegetables recipe was very good as well. It calls for olive oil, garlic, onion, yam or sweet potato, mushrooms, carrots, butternut squash, zucchini, fresh parsley, fresh basil, dried tarragon, salt and pepper.

I did not have the fresh spices, so had to make due with the dried versions of the basil and parsley. I also added more carrots and sweet potato, as I cook for a family of five, with a still growing, older teen boy who can eat two to five servings all on his own.

You basically toss all the ingredients together in a baking pan and bake at 375 degrees for about 45 minutes.

Mine took closer to an hour for two reasons; the first is that I had a LOT of veggies in the pan and two; my tiny RV oven loses a lot of heat out the door.

Not much insulation there, so everything I bake tends to take quite a bit longer. It also heats up the camper, which is nice when it is cold out! Not so nice when we are hanging out in Florida.

I served this with warm brown rice and freshly cut, sweet pineapple. Mmm.

The Curried Coconut and Squash Stew recipe is very good as well, using tofu, ginger, butternut squash, curry, jalapeno and coconut milk. How can it not be good with all that yummyness in it?

I look forward to trying more of the recipes in this gluten free cookbook.Give it a try, I definitely recommend it.

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