Eating Out Grain Free

It is so simple to eat out while on a grain free diet, especially if you go to a sit-down place rather than a fast food establishment.

Just order a grilled piece of chicken, steak or fish and a cooked veggie or even two.

Dad and I go out to eat for lunch whenever I am in the office working for the day, which is now about once a week.

He is eating low carb and I am mostly Paleo, both of which are pretty much grain free and gluten free diets.

Dad likes to go to the same place each week, which is fine by me. Nonetheless, most restaurant menus have grain free options on them.

So my lunch today is a six ounce steak and a side of broccoli. I must confess to ordering a side of mayo for my broccoli as well.

Gluten Free Salad

Gluten Free Salad

Dad likes the chicken salad, minus croutons.

He really ought to have the waitress leave off the cheese as well, since he is a bit dairy intolerant, but he didn’t do that today.

The salad normally comes with a big hunk of chicken breast on top, but he requests that the chef chop it up for him. Make it a lot easier to eat.

Another option we like is to simply order a hamburger patty on a bed of lettuce. A Hamburger Salad, as Dad likes to say. He eats it with Thousand Island dressing.

It is funny to see the wait staff’s reaction if they haven’t waited on him before. Once he got a patty on a skimpy piece of lettuce, so now we know to specify a large amount of lettuce if we are somewhere new.

One other suggestion, if I may, is to have the waiter hold the bread or crackers, if they normally serve them. It is not easy to sit and wait for your meal while a hot loaf of bread is sitting right in front of you. That is torture, in my view. 😉

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