8 Ways To Go Grain Free

1. Clean Your Kitchen

  • Get the grain out of your house. That means your bread, cereal, and anything else that has wheat listed on the label. Give it away or toss it, but get it out. If you have family members that will continue to eat it, see if you can contain it to a single shelf or cupboard so that you don’t have to be looking at it.
  • For heavens sake, get rid of the toaster for a while. I’m not sure if there is anything worse than trying to get off grains and having someone in the house make toast. The smell alone can be debilitating.

2. Get Your Greensdrink your greens

Add green smoothies to your diet. Some frozen fruit, fresh baby spinach, water and a banana combined in the blender will give you a great breakfast. If you have high speed blender, like the Vita-Mix, you can start adding other greens, such as kale, which are very nutritious.

3. Go Low Carb or Paleo

Following either of these type of diets will naturally weed the grains out of your diet. There are a lot of books out detailing both these types of lifestyles. Everyday Paleo

4. Add Fresh Fruit

Fresh or frozen fruit is a wonderful addition in the forms of snacks, or even breakfast. A bowl of fruit is a great way to start the day. If you tolerate dairy, you can add some yogurt as well. Try frozen grapes for a yummy snack in the evening.

5. Keep Meals Simple

  • For dinners and lunches, stick to meat, fruits and veggies. Grill a hunk of something, microwave or steam some type of veggie and add some fruit for sweetness. Yum and oh, so simple.
  • Eggs, of course, are great for breakfast. We like to keep fully cooked, frozen sausage patties in the freezer. Grab a couple in the morning, toss them in the microwave for a minute while you fry up an egg or two and pile it all up on a plate. This is really easy to do and only takes about 4 minutes tops. Be sure to check the ingredients in the sausage and get a grain free version.
  • If you are really craving toast or waffles, check out the Internet for some grain free recipes. You could also check out the grain free breakfast cookbook listed in the sidebar.

6. Try New Recipes

Most folks have only a handful of recipes that they use over and over. Make an effort to seek out and try one new recipe a week. Makes it less overwhelming.

7. Ease Into It

Depending on your situation, it may be easier to ease out the grains in just one meal or two rather than going cold turkey. Most folks find that lunch and dinner are pretty easy. Breakfast can be a real challenge at first. Rethink your first meal of the day. What are some non-traditional foods you could eat first thing in the morning? Do some brainstorming about different options that would work for your family.

8. Get & Stay Prepared

  • You need to stay on top of your groceries and meal planning. Making the time to have the ingredients on hand is truly important and knowing what is for dinner the next day helps smooth that end of the day craziness.
  • For my family of five, we shop every three days. For some reason, it is so much less overwhelming to plan three dinners instead of seven. Our fresh fruits and veggies rarely last much more than that in the fridge so we found ourselves at the store that often anyway.
  • Try to keep an emergency meal in the pantry or freezer for when life interrupts your plans or you just have an off day. For example, we like to keep frozen hamburger patties on hand for a quick hamburger salad on busy days. Grill your hamburgers and put a patty or two on a nice bed of lettuce, add raw veggies if you have the energy – toss on your favorite dressing, such as thousand island and voila, you are done.
  • Another option we use occasionally for emergencies is beanies and weenies. Okay, yes, it is not the healthiest thing we can eat, but it sure beats going out and spending a fortune in money and time.The cans store forever and the gluten free hot dogs stay in the freezer or refrigerator for a long time. Slice up the dogs and toss them into a hot skillet. If you want to be creative, toss in some chopped onions if you like.Cook the hotdogs until they are nice and brown on the sides and then add the beans. You should hear a nice sizzle when they hit the pan. Every once in a while I will add a drizzle of barbeque sauce and a squirt of Sriracha (hot) sauce to add more flavor and pizazz. Easy peasy.

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