Spinach in My Eggs?

Putting spinach in my scrambled eggs yesterday was a new one for me.

It sounded kinda gross when I first thought about doing it. But part of getting healthy is not only eliminating the garbage out of your diet, but adding in nutrient dense foods. Spinach is a powerhouse and I’m trying to eat some on a daily basis.

Chock full of phytonutrients, is also is very high in iron and vitamin k, which is awesome for your bones. It has all kinds of other nutritional benefits as well. If you would like to find out more, you can go here.

This is also a great Paleo Diet meal, since the only ingredients are fresh baby spinach and eggs. It also just took about 3 minutes, maybe. So it is quick as well. Which is always a good thing in my book!

If you are not eating Paleo, you can use butter, otherwise, just use a non-stick pan and you will be fine. Crack a couple of eggs in that baby, grab a humungo-sized handful of spinach and dump it right on top. Then start mixing and scrambling all that yummy goodness together. By the time the eggs are cooked, the spinach will wilt just a bit, making it perfect for eating.

Okay, so I realize that wilted spinach doesn’t sound so good for some folks, but we are not talking totally wilted down like icky, gooey, green stuff here. We just want to take the crispness out a bit, letting it meld right in with the eggs. I added a bit of salt and pepper, but now that I think of it, a little bit of chopped or minced onion would be even better. I think I will try that next time.

What was funny was I had only used three eggs, thinking I was the only one eating. As I was starting to slide the eggs onto my plate, my 17 year old son came strolling by and commented “Boy, that looks really good!” in a tone that indicated he was as surprised as I was. I asked if he would like some and he said that he would, so I gave most of it to him. He really liked it! If that won’t convince you to give it a try, I’m not sure what will.

As a nutritionist once told me, “Every meal is a good excuse to eat some vegetables.” I think if you can start retraining your brain to think green, leafy veggies every time you eat, your health will only get better that much faster. How could it not?

How else could you incorporate veggies into your breakfast?


  1. Spinach is good it gives you power like popeye haha My faouvrite vegetable is sukini, i like to eat a salad with sukini, garlic, vinegar and a bit of oregano (you know pizza herb) really nice , try it i’m sure you will like it.By the way , happy women’s international day! baccio in la mano honey eyes.

  2. I love spinach in my scrambled eggs! I also add tomatoes (fresh or sundried) and onions. For an occasional treat, I add a little bit of feta cheese.

  3. Hi, found your website researching chia seeds and love it! this is all a bit new to me but thanks for al the interesting information. Eggs and spinach I just had to reply!! gorgeous – try putting some turmeric in with your eggs, lovely colour and very good for you too, and just as you suggest in a non stick pan and stir through the spinach and I also add courgettes/zuchini grated straight into the pan, mushrooms and brocolli, anything I have! Sometimes it just turns into a full on fritata with peppers etc too, then I save half to eat cold for a lunch on the run!!

  4. Mmm, that sounds really good! I will have to try some tumeric and I like your idea of adding even more veggies. Thanks for the thoughts!

  5. Breakfast – 4 to 5 whole large eggs, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower & some Red Kidney Beans.

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