Chia Seeds In My Coffee? Seriously?

by Lisa Bishop

Chia Seed Coffee

Just so you know, I am picking chia seeds out from between my teeth as I write this. Lol.

I hadn’t had any chia in the house for quite a long time and kind of forgot about them until recently. I was having a conversation with my Dad the other day – he wants me to write up some green smoothie recipes for his patients that are grain, gluten, dairy and egg free. Boy, that is tough – especially for breakfast. So, I was telling him how wonderful the smoothies were and got to talking about how great chia seeds are because of the Omega-3s and the protein content. Then I thought, “Why the heck aren’t I eating them?” Duh.

So, I picked up a bag at the health food store and they’ve been sitting on my counter, next to my Vitamix blender, staring at me for a few days. Finally, just for fun, I grabbed a teaspoon and dumped a load into my morning coffee, along with some cream and sweetener. (Yeah, I know – I need to stay away from both of those, but baby steps, baby steps!)

YUMMY! Ok, so it was a little weird and I’m pretty sure my hubby would not like it, but I do. The seeds get a little gelatinous, yet they are crunchy at the same time. And they float on the top and kind of glob together. But it was like chewing a Frappuccino! I love it. The mouth texture is just so fun. And life can always use more fun!

That evening, since the bag was still sitting on the counter, I grabbed a handful and scattered the seeds into the spinach salad that I was making. Tossed the whole thing with some pine nuts, red onion, dried blueberries and balsamic vinaigrette dressing and placed it on the table without a word to the family. They didn’t notice a thing. I noticed that the seeds seemed to cling to the spinach leaves because of the dressing and they added some nice texture to the salad. I will probably just add chia seeds as a regular addition to my salads from now on.

So, what I want you to take away from this is that these things really are good. Since they are good for you as well (a happy coincidence!), I suggest you grab a bag and give them a try. You can pick them up at your local health food store, or you can get them delivered to your door by Amazon. They even have free super saver shipping. You can purchase a larger size, but this is like a starter pack, just to try.

So you go on and have some fun! Let me know how you like them? And, if you feel like it, let me know all the crazy ways you use chia seeds!

Want to know more about chia seeds? Click this link! What Are Chia Seeds?

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