Chia Seeds In My Coffee? Seriously?

Just so you know, I am picking chia seeds out from between my teeth as I write this. Lol.

I hadn’t had any chia in the house for quite a long time and kind of forgot about them until recently. I was having a conversation with my Dad the other day – he wants me to write up some green smoothie recipes for his patients that are grain, gluten, dairy and egg free. Boy, that is tough – especially for breakfast. So, I was telling him how wonderful the smoothies were and got to talking about how great chia seeds are because of the Omega-3s and the protein content. Then I thought, “Why the heck aren’t I eating them?” Duh.

So, I picked up a bag at the health food store and they’ve been sitting on my counter, next to my Vitamix blender, staring at me for a few days. Finally, just for fun, I grabbed a teaspoon and dumped a load into my morning coffee, along with some cream and sweetener. (Yeah, I know – I need to stay away from both of those, but baby steps, baby steps!)

YUMMY! Ok, so it was a little weird and I’m pretty sure my hubby would not like it, but I do. The seeds get a little gelatinous, yet they are crunchy at the same time. And they float on the top and kind of glob together. But it was like chewing a Frappuccino! I love it. The mouth texture is just so fun. And life can always use more fun!

That evening, since the bag was still sitting on the counter, I grabbed a handful and scattered the seeds into the spinach salad that I was making. Tossed the whole thing with some pine nuts, red onion, dried blueberries and balsamic vinaigrette dressing and placed it on the table without a word to the family. They didn’t notice a thing. I noticed that the seeds seemed to cling to the spinach leaves because of the dressing and they added some nice texture to the salad. I will probably just add chia seeds as a regular addition to my salads from now on.

So, what I want you to take away from this is that these things really are good. Since they are good for you as well (a happy coincidence!), I suggest you grab a bag and give them a try. You can pick them up at your local health food store, or you can get them delivered to your door by Amazon. They even have free super saver shipping. You can purchase a larger size, but this is like a starter pack, just to try.

So you go on and have some fun! Let me know how you like them? And, if you feel like it, let me know all the crazy ways you use chia seeds!

Want to know more about chia seeds? Click this link! What Are Chia Seeds?


  1. Chia seeds retain an extraordinary amount of water, some astronomically high number like 10x their volume. It’s recommended that before you use chia you soak the seeds first so that you don’t suffer dehyrdration. I like to put the seeds in tubberware and cover with 4 inches of water and shake, shake it up. After the seeds have sat for a couple of minutes and have been fully smurged, they turn into a hemoglobin substance and then are suitable to add to oatmeal, protein shakes, etc.

    They are an efficient, quick, easy, sure fire way to get obscured nutrients right into your daily meals.

  2. Hi Tim!
    I have heard several numbers bandied about regarding how much liquid they absorb, from 7-9 times their weight. And some folks actually use that property to combat acid reflux and heartburn. They eat a couple tablespoons with just a little water, wait a few minutes for the seeds to absorb the extra acid in their stomach, and then drink a large glass of water. I do not know if this works or not.

    The dehydration factor I am not so sure about. I have read that the seeds can absorb liquid out of the stomach lining, supposedly causing dehydration, but it seems to me that you would have to eat an awful lot of chia seeds for that to happen. And I haven’t been able to find out how many seeds would indeed cause it to happen. I just don’t see it happening with a small amount of seeds.

    Thanks so much for the interesting comments!

  3. They honestly have no taste, I like putting them in my yogurt because it give it a neat little crunch. I also tried putting them in juice and water, they expand and get jelly but its easy to drink. They have a bunch of health benefits and I really don’t mind them so I think I will continue to eat them!!

  4. Hi! Nice read… interesting concept with the coffee, lol.

    I do have to agree with PP about dehydration, if only mild. If you think about it, just something like a teaspoon of seeds will fully absorb about 6-8 oz of water depending how long you let it sit. If someone has slow digestion, I would think that amount of seeds could easily absorb at least half a cup of water from the stomach, and who knows, perhaps other parts of the GI tract within a few minutes.

    Point of interest, maybe: one cup of coffee subtracts one cup of water from your body! So you have to drink an extra 8 oz just to counteract the caffeine-induced dehydration.

  5. I love putting chia seeds in my coffee (black, no cream/sugar), especially at the tail end. This way it all turns into that cool gel-substance. The slight taste of the chia mixed with coffee is really enjoyable. Thanks for the post.

  6. I thought I was the only one weird enough to put chia seeds in my coffee…I have it every morning! I put in 1 to 2 tbsps and sprinkle a little ground cinnamon, then pour the coffee in. You’ll want to stir it frequently with a spoon for a few minutes until the seeds swells up and get soft, so they don’t stick together. The cinnamon removes all the bitterness from the seeds and the black coffee…there is no need for sweetener or cream/milk. Also, Chia seeds absorb a lot of liquid…so I’m pretty sure it is providing me with time release caffeine all morning:)

    As for coffee and dehydration, it seems that research is now going away from this theory:

  7. I tried them in my coffee after reading this post. It was okay at first but in the end sips, I had to spit the mouthful out. I just could not hang with the gelatinous texture lol Worth a shot though, right? I think I will stick with adding them to my smoothies instead 🙂

  8. Lol! Maybe it is an acquired taste?

  9. I picked up some at Sprouts to try and I love it! Reminds me of boba. This might be a good way to start my day from now on.

  10. I use chia seeds in my coffee every morning. I learned that using a straw is fun and much easier than sipping in a cup. This also prevents the chia seeds from getting stuck in my teeth.

  11. What a great idea! I will have to try that with cold drinks. Not sure I want to be sucking up hot coffee in a straw!

  12. Has anyone tried putting chia seeds in with your coffee ground and cinnamon through the brew cycle? I tried it this morning and I add raw honey to my coffee and organic half and half. It was good but I’m not sure if I still benefited from the chia as they were heated through the brew. Anyone comments on this thought?

  13. Has anyone tried putting chia seeds in with your coffee ground and cinnamon through the brew cycle? I tried it this morning and I add raw honey to my coffee and organic half and half. It was good but I’m not sure if I still benefited from the chia as they were heated through the brew. Any comments on this thought?

  14. As a newly diagnosed Type2 diabetic, I must lose 65 pounds and follow a strict 30 gms of carbs/meal menu. I eat a lot of sugar free Jello to satisfy my desire for “anything fruity” since I had to give up or greatly reduce the many fresh fruits I previously enjoyed. I recently added 2 tablespoons of Chia seeds to a box of Sugar Free Jello I was making to experiment with adding a different texture to Jello – hoping for something that would mimic applesauce. I followed package directions, adding the Chia at the end and allowing an hour for the seeds to hydrate before putting the mixture into the refrigerator. Well, it worked, I have something to enjoy that does not just melt in my mouth and slide away. Texture. Yum

  15. Karen, That sounds really great! I will have to try it.

  16. I had to try with coffee and it seems to be going down easy. Mind you, I gelled with 1/4 cup water before I poured the coffee in, not bad, not hot but not bad.
    Thanks for the tips, I just slurped the bottom part without letting it linger in my mouth too long.

  17. I put one teaspoon of chia seed and a half teaspoon of diatomaceous earth in my two cup coffee container each morning. I am 75 years old, work full time and am feeling great.

  18. Hi, I am newbie with the Chia seeds. Overnight, I thought about putting them into our coffee beans to grind up, will that work and how would it taste? I’ve been reading that Chia is so good for you and I would like to incorporate it into our diet, and thought this would be one way to do it. Any feed back is needed.

  19. I see many have tried in coffee was it hot or cold blend but not
    in brewing? Has anyone blended alone to make a powder substance ?

  20. I put CHIA seeds in my coffee! Everyday. A little creamer and agave sweetener. (we’re related) I thought I “invented Chia Coffee”
    so before I went off to claim my “Nobel prize” I did a web search and found you.

    I am a marathon runner and I found Chia about 5 years ago. It’s like one of the only things I can eat before running in a marathon that gives me energy and I don’t get a stomach ache. The coffee and the chia are a great combo.

    I use “milled chia” because it tastes better, and I feel it digests better. “Milled Chia” is harder to find though. I buy it directly from “AZchia” a company started by Dr. Wayne Coats. Dr. Coats is known as the the researcher who re-popularized CHIA.

  21. Karen, I would really suggest that you try to avoid the “sugar free” stuff. esp if you are a diabetic!

    It _may_ be possible to use natural, whole forms of sugar like honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar and sucanat (whole cane sugar) obviously talk with your doctor (naturopath if one is available).

    One thing that can be quite helpful is to consume moderately large amounts of healthy fats such as KerryGold butter and coconut ‘oil’ (make sure it is NOT a liquid in the bottle unless you live in the tropics).

    Healthy fats actually reduce your cravings for sweets.

  22. Why can’t I find more information about puerile grinding chia seeds before adding? To me this seems like an obvious solution for those off us that don’t love the seeds in their gelatinous form. I just ground my seeds and am about to begin experimentation adding coffee, smoothies….any tips for this Chia newbie?

  23. This was a great read. A few people have commented about trying ground chia seeds in the brewing process, but I don’t really see any reply to whether or not you still get the benefits from the seeds this way.
    I’ve been trying this over the past week and feel pretty good. But I wonder if it’s just the placebo effect or if there is actually a benefit to this. Would love to hear people’s thoughts on using the chia seeds during the brew cycle.

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