Quinoa Curry – This Looks Wonderful!

I came across this great looking recipe for Green Curry on an Etsy blog. It uses quinoa as the main ingredient instead of rice and it also uses tofu, which will boost the protein content even more.

I love curry and I think this recipe will make a great addition to my kitchen. If you can tolerate rice, you can certainly use that if you wish, but using it with the quinoa is a great idea.

As the author says, “you have the vibrant heat of chiles, the bright flavors of cilantro, basil and lime, and the creamy, rich comfort of vegetables and tofu bathed in a luxurious coconut broth.” Who could ask for more?

A note of warning, however, check your fish or soy sauce and be sure it is wheat free or gluten free. You can always substitute Tamari sauce, which is gluten free and can be found at some supermarkets and most all health food stores.

You can check out this Green Curry With Tofu and Quinoa here at this site: Quinoa Curry

Give it a try and let me know if you like it!

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  1. Often used in vegetarian recipes, tofu is made from soybeans, water and a curdlingagent. When plain, it is gluten free. If soy sauce made from wheat is used toflavor tofu it is not gluten free.

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