Quinoa – Fill That Starchy Need

This afternoon I was working on a special report about quinoa and it got me hungry to try the pseudo-grain again. I bought a package last winter and made a batch or so, but never really did much with it. As I was doing the research I realized once again the health benefits this little gluten free seed offers.

It is one of only two plant based foods that provide all nine essential amino acids. Those are the ones your body can’t manufacture on its own. It is also a complete protein, which is great for all of us, but especially for those who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet. It also is low on the glycemic index scale, meaning it digests slowly and won’t spike your blood sugar like grains will.

So I pulled out my package of quinoa from the freezer and made it for dinner. I simply rinsed 1 cup of quinoa well and put it in a saucepan with two cups of veggie broth. Brought it to a boil, lowered the temperature a bit and simmered about 15 minutes.

When all the broth was absorbed, I tossed in a few sauteed onions that hubby had made up for his hamburger, chopped up a few stalks of the fresh asparagus we were already serving for dinner, added a couple of splashes of Worcester sauce and a bit of salt.

Mixed it all up together and made everyone in the family try it. The rule in my house is that everyone has to take at least one bite when I’m trying new recipes. Well, the three-year-old gets by without trying some things…

It was amazingly good. And filling. The texture reminds me a bit like corn grits. Definitely comfort food. Earlier I had put aside half of the plain quinoa, so tomorrow I think I will toss an egg in it, maybe some Splenda and cinnamon and see if it will fry up like a potato pancake. I have three different kinds of sugar-free syrup I have been wanting to test out, so that will be perfect.

I am definitely going to pick up more quinoa and start making it on a regular basis. It fills that starchy need I feel sometimes. I just can’t believe I haven’t been making it for the last year!


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  2. Quinoa is a great alternative for many people who can’t eat wheat, gluten, or grains. One of my favorite ways of making it is making Quinoa Tabouleh with it. Just cook a cup or so, let it cool, then add some chopped tomatoes, green onions, cucumbers, lemon juice, olive oil, salt, and a little cumin or cayenne. It is really great!

  3. Just read this morning that people who have gluten sensitivities are likely reactive to quinoa as well. This was established by laboratory serum testing. It’s a cross reaction, meaning, that your body decides it’s “close enough” to gluten and goes through the immune response. There is a whole list of cross reaction foods out there.

  4. Barbara Rudnicki

    Thanks for the info will be coming back to get some more

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