Back on the Wagon with Grain Free Waffles!

Back on the wagon today. I’ve really let my diet slip the last couple of weeks and the headaches are starting back up. I feel terrible and I absolutely hate waking up with a headache. It is so not cool. Been having to take Pepcid again as well – Tums and Rolaids are not keeping up. It is definitely time.

I’m not worrying about corn syrup or sugar for now – just eliminating the grains I have to chew. Somehow that makes the transition easier. By the way, sucking up macaroni and cheese with out chewing does NOT count!

I wasn’t hungry for breakfast. I think I was still full from the pizza last night. Boy were my hands swollen this morning! Even my eyelids were puffy! Had yogurt and a hard boiled egg for lunch. Snacked on a handful of cashews this afternoon and I’m feeling fine now.

gluten free, grain free waffles

We are having Oh My Word! Waffles for dinner tonight. They are both gluten free and grain free. (A recipe from my grain free, gluten free breakfast recipe cookbook, pg 30.)  Oh heck, here is a secret link to the recipe, but don’t tell anyone! They are so good – I can’t wait!

Hubby and kids will also have sausage. I’m trying to stay away from meat, so I’ll pass even though they always smell really good.  Hubby was going to get me some meat substitute sausages when he went shopping, but I had to decline his offer because they are usually filled with wheat and rice.


  1. Dear Lisa:
    My name is Dane Baird. I’m a partner at Sweet Pete’s, Pure Simple Sweets, an All Natural confectioner.

    Our all natural, gluten free Sea Salt Caramel is our best seller.
    When eaten, the palate first experiences the sea salt, immediately
    followed by the rich, creamy caramel. Combined, the two tastes are at the
    same time opposites and wonderful. Opposites attract!

    We’d like to send you some caramel samples and, if you like the product, we kindly ask you to blog about our product.

    Once you receive the product, if you have any questions, please let me know and I’ll answer them as expeditiously as possible.

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  2. I had delayed sampling these yummy looking caramels because I was just starting my low carb diet and no nutritional info besides ingredients were included in the package. But I finally tried one this morning and they are indeed, very good. They have an interesting texture that is very appealing, they taste really good, and they don’t stick to your teeth! They are gluten free, but do include corn syrup and then sugar as the main ingredients. Very sweet tasting.

    My five year old was very happy to try one and she wanted more – was kind of bummed that she could have only one! My 14 year old liked it as well, thought the texture was softer than other caramel and my 16 year old thought it tasted like caramel, but didn’t feel like caramel – not stick or chewy.

    If you can tolerate corn syrup, it is a good candy to try – no preservatives.

  3. Much of what you see on the shelf is “funny honey” with a lot of water or high fructose corn syrup in it.

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